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Many die-hard members of Packer Nation might rightly claim sweeping knowledge of the Pack's on-field heroics. But what went on behind the scenes to drive the green and gold machine to its storied heights? The history of the NFL's only small-town franchise is as much a tale of business creativity as gridiron supremacy. Standing alongside every athletic superstar like Don Hutson, Ray Nitschke, and Brett Favre, there was an Andrew Turnbull, Dominic Olejniczak, or Bob Harlan, leaders whose dedication and creativity in preserving the franchise were unwavering.


Green Bay Packers: Trials, Triumphs and Tradition (Paperback: $26.95, ISBN: 978-0-87020-497-5) tells the improbable story of professional football's most iconic team, and along the way gives a unique window into the rise of modern professional sports. As the NFL has evolved into a financial juggernaut, the Green Bay Packers, with more than 364,000 stockholders, stand alone as the only professional sports franchise owned by fans, thus providing the only public record of how a sports team is run.

Featuring more than 300 photographs, some never before seen, "Green Bay Packers" illustrates how the most creative team in sports is also one of the most successful, with names like Lambeau, Canadeo, Lombardi, Hornung, Holmgren, and White leading the way to a league-best 13 NFL titles and 21 Hall of Fame inductees. This comprehensive, up-to-date history of the Packers includes the 2011 season.

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